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Espenson draft - Triangle (most under-rated Buffy ep ever??)

Trolls, hammers and and hints of the early pre-Anya days of the Nordic nuisance. A brilliant episode with  humour, great character development and tension (Xander's anger at being in the middle of the squabbling Willow and Anya is great), Anya's love of money... One of the most under-rated eps of the entire seven seasons, I think. Also, post Avengers' Hulk, 'puny receptacle', anyone...!

And here's the outline ( a revised version of an earlier one that I don't have) and the first and third drafts, separated by a mere nine days. I'm not sure where the second one is.

Espenson writes of this episode:

‘Triangle’! Another one I like a lot. The troll was wonderful to write for. And I'm very proud of Spike's interest in the fried onion appetizer. And I love that he tries to be helpful with the location of possible babies - ‘what do you think - hospital, maybe?’

Revival Beach by The Burning Hell

Revival Beach is the latest album by Indie rock band The Burning Hell. Literate and inventive, nostalgic and great storytellers, the band have gone through a number of line ups and always have jaunty, provocative, unusual songs to sing. The current formation is the trio of Mathias Kom, founder member and the one constant in the group, Ariel Sharratt who has been a member for the last few albums and who, in addition to her musical and vocal talents, also makes some of the band’s videos. And the final member is Darren Browne, long time member and along with Kom and Sharratt these three have been touring as The Burning Hell for ages. These are joined by guest musicians on different tracks.
On a previous track, Kom sang ‘I guess I’m guilty of repetition / But I like themes and I like tradition’ and Revival Beach is chock full of many of the preoccupations, motifs, images and musical echoes that are such an integral part of their music-making. But, as with all of their albums, the sameness …

Brand Whedon and the fault line between mythos expansion and fan exploitation

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Giles is one of my favourite characters in the whole Whedonverse - erudite, awkward, brave, shy, resilient, loving and, oh yea, British he is a rich, textured, lovable, complex figure. When it was reported years ago that there might be a spin-off television series include BBC involvement and to be called Ripper, I was so excited.

As I was to hear about the new four-part mini-series from Black Horse that will feature Giles investigating disappearances at an inner city LA high school

Whedon  worked with global franchises long before Buffy aired on TV, and the Marvel brand in particular. Whedon had been involved on the X-Men film project in 1994, although very little of his input can be seen in the final movie, and then in 2004 he was given the opportunity to take over the comic book series. The first two limited seasons had run in the 1990s, and Whedon with illustrator John Cassaday took the helm between 2004 and 2008.

A review of one of the titles Whedon wrote, Ast…

Espenson drafts - Superstar

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Superstar is one of my favourite Buffy episodes. As Espenson makes clear, the idea came straight from Whedon, with the teaser pretty much fully-formed. But even so, the shifts (even subtle tiny ones from draft to draft in the teaser) demonstrate again, the writer's craft and the fraught relationship between structure, form and creativity. Even the development of the stage directions between drafts one and two relating to the opening of scene 11 (presumably to provide the production design team with as much information as possible) illustrate the attention to detail that is required to get an episode (the outcome of which seems inevitable) on air.

Espenson makes some interesting comments about it, some snippets of which are below.

There is no outline for this episode so we start with draft one

Here is draft two 

And draft three

For the shooting scripts, check out this link to Amazon and this one for Buffy's 20th Anniversary stuff

Clearly, the show is all ab…